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We deliver corporate services for law firms looking for a more efficient way of supporting their clients. Many of our team have worked for leading law firms. We understand the importance of the client relationship and that you need a partner to help you get the work done and done right.
We handle the support activities, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Corporate Lawyers

Our team have worked for leading City Law firms and we have in-house practicing solicitors.

Centralise Processes

We help you to centralise your processes with our use of tech and account management.

Online Tools

A number of our services can be procured instantly for when it needs to be done there and then.

Proven Track Record

We work with a number of leading firms and were named “Service Provider of the Year” by the Chartered Governance Institute.

Flexible Payments

Our online services can be completed with a credit card or by invoice, whichever is most convenient.

Managing Client Relationships

Our background and experience means we are used to managing the relationship between us, the firm and end client.

Associate Training

We have experienced tutors.


We don’t have the over heads of a traditional firm and we use technology to keep fees down.

How we work with Law Firms

Each of our clients has their own preferred way of working. However, we’ve usually found most relationships fall in to 3 models.

We work in the background for you, the firm.

This allows the firm to offer a broader set of services to their client without needing the skills or expertise in-house.

More commonly, firms prefer for us to work directly for the client as an additional supplier.

This removes the need for the firm to manage the work and our staff refer the client back to the firm, when specialised legal advice is required.

Transfer Existing Clients

When firms choose to no longer offer company secretarial services we work with you to migrate clients, whilst ensuring the day to day relationship is maintained.

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Please contact us to learn more about how we work with different firms and some recent case studies.

Corporate Services Hub

We can produce a bespoke corporate services hub to centralise all information for your employees. It can be kept up to date with your latest forms and guides:

  • Incorporation Forms
  • Instant Process Agent Appointments
  • Instant Registered Office Address
  • Statutory Registers
  • Scanned Mail


Who we work with

Who we work with

Meet the team

Meet Tobias

A dual-qualified company secretary and solicitor, he initially trained at Linklaters and later worked for Macfarlanes.

Tobias works directly with a number of energy clients on company secretarial, corporate governance and corporate law.

He holds a Masters in Banking & Finance Law from Queen Mary University of London and is a fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute.

Meet Nick

Nick Lindsay is Founder and Director of Elemental and heads up the Governance and Corporate Services teams. He is an experienced corporate lawyer and qualified Chartered Company Secretary.

Prior to starting Elemental, Nick trained at Olswang in London (now part of CMS). He has also worked in-house at the BBC Worldwide Visa Europe.


“Nick and his team at Elemental CoSec are dependable, professional and provide a first class service. I have known Nick since his legal days and did not hesitate in introducing him to a high profile Australian client needing UK cosec services and he has delivered a consistently superb service on and from his appointment.” ​

David Roberts, Partner, CMS​

“As a law firm that specialises in funds and corporate finance, it’s important that anybody we work with understands the complex corporate, regulatory and tax issues we handle. In Elemental we’ve found a team that gets the work we do and can tailor accordingly for us and our fund manager and corporate clients; from initial incorporations and ongoing compliance through to partnership accounting and tax planning. Elemental is a trusted partner service provider.”

Ollie Blears, Partner, RW Blears LLP


Have questions? We’re here to help

Do you require KYC for incorporation?

If we are just forming the company then no KYC is required, we will treat the law firm as our client. If we are providing other services we will need KYC; however, this can be provided at a later date and we will continue to treat the firm as our client until the end client can be onboarded.

Can you help reconstitute the statutory books?

Where the Client is an existing company with historical company secretarial records, our time spent importing the records into our system and generally onboarding the historical records, will be charged at our standard hourly rates assuming the work is more than minimal. Further, any ad hoc work or work outside of the scope of the above services, will be charged at our standard hourly rates.

How does invoicing work?

If Elemental are only forming the company, then law firm will be the client. Elemental will issue an invoice to the law firm quoting the matter number once the company is formed. If Elemental is providing other services to the client, then the invoice can be issued directly to the client or to law firm as desired.

How quickly can the service be setup?

We can provide our services promptly. Our bespoke corporate services hub can be set up in a matter of days but our services can be provided immediately if the work is deadline driven.

Do you need to speak directly with the client?

This is up to you. We are happy to liaise directly with clients if helpful.


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