Overseas Clients

Professional Company Secretarial Solutions

As a client based outside of the UK, you need to be confident that you and your company are in compliance with UK laws and regulations. Whether you are a multi-national organisation with a UK subsidiary or an individual operating through a UK company, you need someone to guide you through your statutory compliance requirements in plain English.

Our experts have years of experience in looking after clients who are not familiar with the UK system and guiding them as their UK operation grows and expands. Elemental CoSec are members of the UK Advisory Network, that is run by the UK government and recognises our specialism in assisting international businesses with setting up in the UK.

In those areas where we may not be able to provide support directly, we have an extensive network of contacts who provide a useful source of introductions where you need specialised support. For example, we can provide contacts and introductions for opening a UK bank account, which can be particularly difficult for international clients.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your specific needs and we will always be happy to have a conversation.

UK Advisory Network

Elemental CoSec is a proud member of the government’s UK Advisory Network and recognised as a specialist in assisting businesses setting up in the UK.

For details of the UK Advisory Network, please see here.

Services for Overseas Clients


A complete incorporation service to ensure your company is compliant from the beginning. Our service includes advice on the right form of company, share structure and constitutional documents as well, so you receive the company you need.

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Process Agent

For when you need to appoint an agent for the service of process for a contract with a UK counter-party, we can act as such a process agent. We provide a simple yet professional service; giving you the confidence that your interests are protected.

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Annual Compliance Package

An annual package to look after your day to day compliance. Many overseas clients find it difficult to open a bank account in the UK without a physical presence here. Our annual compliance package includes assistance and introductions to assist with this process.

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Director Services

Experienced and qualified UK resident directors who can be appointed to SPVs and holding companies.

This service can be combined with other corporate services to help support UK domiciliation.

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Corporate Legal Services

Our staff have worked at the highest level in the City of London and provide a wide range of corporate legal support. Our support includes articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, reorganisations and other corporate matters.

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Mail and Address Services

A prestigious central London (WC1) registered office address. All UK companies require a registered office in their country of incorporation. The address can also be used for business mail or as a service address.

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Commercial Legal Services

Our qualified solicitors provide in-house and ad hoc support without the costs and overheads of a law firm. This service is ideal as your UK business grows but you don’t have the need for a full time in-house counsel.

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Accounting and Tax Services

Accounts preparation, tax and book-keeping services provided by qualified accountants. Where you have an existing accountant in your own country, we can work with them to feed the figures into your group reporting.

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