Domiciliation Services

Complete managed company domiciliation services for your UK entity

For some clients, it is important that the UK company is effectively managed and controlled in the UK and that there is clear evidence of this fact.

Elemental has an in-house team of experts covering company secretary, governance, legal, tax and accounting which means:

We have all the services you need in one place to stay compliant.

We can provide tailored advice on what needs to be put in place to ensure company domiciliation stands up to scrutiny.

Avoid the complexity and cost of having to deal with multiple advisors.

Our Domiciliation Services

We use professional UK resident directors, who are typically professionally qualified (solicitors, accountants or investment professionals, as may be required)

UK office space

Dedicated office space can be arranged, to ensure the company has a real and substantive base in the UK. The office space is available for overseas staff when visiting the UK.

Bookkeeping, annual accounting and tax compliance can be outsourced to our UK-based specialists, satisfying the Companies Act requirements to maintain accounting records in the UK.

Telephone, email and website

A UK telephone number can be set up with a call answering service for when the director is not available. This can also be combined with a dedicated company email address and website if desired.

UK administrative staff

A UK staff member (in addition to the director) can be assigned and placed on the payroll if further support is required.

Our domiciliation services are often combined with our SPV and Holding Company Management services

These domiciliation services are generally utilised in conjunction with our SPV and Holding Company management services, which ensure that the administrative and compliance requirements are met.

Tried and tested

Over the past 10 years we have reviewed our domiciliation services with tax authorities and big 4 auditors. We have also successfully secured a mutual agreement procedure with HMRC and a foreign tax authority.

Domiciliation Services Review by the Australian Taxation Office

We were supporting various Australian and UK companies that were UK tax resident. The group was being investigated by the ATO solely due to its size and, as part of this, the ATO challenged the UK tax residence of the Australian companies.

Following a thorough review of our work, including multiple years’ of board minutes, evidence of challenge, communication and agreements, the ATO accepted they were UK tax resident.

Who we work with

McCourt Global, operates across Real Estate, finance and sport. Real Estate interests include 360 Tenth Avenue in New York and The Towers, Miami (right). The McCourt empire also previously owned Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger Stadium and is the current owner of Olympique de Marseille.

Elemental was approached to provide UK domiciliation services and put in place a full range of services including director services, banking, accounting and tax, compliance and ongoing company secretarial services.

The relationship started in January 2014 and has deepened and grown since then. In 2020, McCourt formed a second UK company that Elemental is also providing a full range of services for.

Speak to an expert

Get in touch and we would be happy to share our experience of helping other companies setup in the UK.

Meet Dhruv

Dhruv Patel heads up the Tax and Accountancy team at Elemental. He holds a law degree and is dual qualified as both a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Advisor. He is passionate about providing simple to follow and straightforward advice, however complicated the underlying issue.

Prior to setting up the Accounting department at Elemental, Dhruv worked at PwC and Mazars.

Meet Nick

Nick Lindsay is Founder and Director of Elemental and heads up the Governance and Corporate Services teams. He is an experienced corporate lawyer and qualified Chartered Company Secretary.

Prior to starting Elemental, Nick trained at Olswang in London (now part of CMS). He has also worked in-house at the BBC Worldwide Visa Europe.

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