Elemental CoSec delivers professional UK company secretarial services (sometimes known as corporate secretarial services) and we are one of the leading providers in the UK. We offer specific project support through to a fully outsourced solution. To find out more information about a particular service, please just follow the links below.

Our fees are structured to provide as much clarity and certainty as possible. We want you to be confident in the company secretarial services you receive and how much you’re paying for them. For some company secretarial services we need to know a little about the company first though so if you’d like a quote for particular work, please do get in touch and we’ll always be happy to help.


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Company secretarial services

Bespoke Company Secretarial Support

Every company is different and has different requirements. Elemental CoSec can tailor the support provided, bringing in expertise from different areas to ensure that you receive the support and expertise that you need. Our experts are available to support specific projects as required or to offer a full outsourcing service.

Interim Company Secretarial Support

Elemental CoSec’s chartered secretaries are available to provide interim cover, either on an in-house basis or remotely as required. This may be to cover sickness, maternity or just a peak or unexpected workload. Available in a timely, flexible manner, it is a cost-effective and efficient resource.

Post listing services

The governance and compliance requirements of a company newly listed on a public market can be extensive. Our experts are available to help establish the processes and procedures necessary to meet the required standards and promote best practice.

Meeting support

Element CoSec provides a range of drafting services including notice of meetings, proxy forms and minutes of the meeting. We can attend the meeting to take minutes, provide corporate governance advice and assistance with meeting organisation.

Annual general meeting

The AGM is critical for a company engaging with its members, but ensuring that it follows the legal and best practise requirements can impose considerable pressure on a company. We can help relieve this pressure and add value to the running of the AGM.

Annual compliance

A premium compliance service which includes preparation and filing of the annual return, maintenance of statutory registers, processing of share transfers and allotments, a corporate company secretary and deadline filing reminders. Access to professional company secretarial support is also included as standard.


Full incorporation service combined with expert guidance on the most appropriate vehicle and structure. We also advise on any sensitive words contained within the company name, such as ‘Group’ and ‘International’. Elemental CoSec incorporates all types of company and partnerships, generally with the same day service.

Corporate governance

The chartered secretaries, solicitors and corporate governance professionals at Elemental CoSec have a wealth of experience with improving governance. A robust corporate governance framework can help improve the organisation and decision making in the company, ensuring that decisions are taken in the right way at the right level.

Elemental CoSec offers a variety of related corporate services which include bespoke drafting of articles of association; process agent; and corporate legal services. For more information on these, please see here.

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