Corporate Services

Professional Corporate Services

Focused corporate services to ease your compliance requirements

Businesses are coming under an increasing number of compliance, legal and administrative burdens that are integral to running a business but can often distract directors from their core operations.

Our experts provide a full range of support from ad hoc assistance to fully outsourced corporate services; helping you ensure that your business is running as it should be. We have trained accountants and lawyers who are able and ready to advise you on a variety of corporate and commercial matters.

Corporate Services

Corporate Legal

Every corporate needs to consider its legal requirements and risks while ensuring that the relationship between the shareholders and the company is governed effectively.

Elemental CoSec provides expert advice and drafting to ensure that the legal health of your company is in the best possible shape. In particular, we specialise in shareholders’ agreements and articles of association.

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Accounting and Tax

Maintaining complete and accurate financial and management reporting systems is essential for all businesses and our qualified accountants are available to advise on all aspects of a company’s tax and accounting needs.

Our services range from book-keeping, accounting and reporting, to tax compliance and consulting to help your business run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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Domiciliation Services

For some clients it is critical to show that the company is managed and controlled in the UK and has real substance in the UK. Often these requirements are linked to obtaining benefits under double taxation treaties.

In these case, our domiciliation services can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client to provide a complete solution.

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Director Services

UK Resident Director services available with a particular focus on holding companies and SPVs. This service can be provided in conjunction with the rest of our support to provide a full domiciliation service.

Elemental CoSec’s directors are qualified professionals with relevant industry experience and will add value to the operation and management of the company.

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Escrow Agent Services

Professional, regulated and independent escrow agent service, which will be tailored to your bespoke needs.

Elemental CoSec uses qualified lawyers and professionals with extensive M&A experience and who will be able to guide you through the process. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving you the comfort you need.

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HR Services

Our HR advisors are members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and are experts in simplifying a complex area of law. We will help you employ your first individual through to managing a complex payroll and staffing structure.

We are particular experts at working with international companies who do not have a familiarity with UK employment law and HR practices.

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Process Agent

For overseas companies that need to appoint an agent for the service of process, we can act as such a process agent, providing a simple yet professional service, giving you the confidence that your are protected.

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SPV & Holding Companies

A comprehensive management service for UK holding companies and SPVs. Our professionals will look after all management and compliance requirements throughout the company’s life cycle.

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Mail and Address

Elemental CoSec provides a prestigous central London (WC1) address for use as a registered office, director’s service addres or as a trading address with full mail forwarding services. Perfect for overseas companies without a UK office.

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