UK Resident Director Services

Elemental provides expert UK resident director services through qualified and experienced directors, designed to facilitate your corporate structuring and UK domiciliation.

  • UK Holding Companies
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Private Equity
  • Funds
  • Other entities with limited trading activities

Our UK resident director service can help international clients with:

Regulatory Benefits

Tax Benefits

Double Taxation Treaties

Confidentiality Agreements

How Director Services works

We’re proud of the robustness of our domiciliation services. Our Framework approach for UK resident directors is:



Together, we establish the reason why UK resident directors are required.

This will also help us to identify the best candidate and put the right steps in place.



We present a list of options.

At this stage, you can carry out any additional due diligence on the individual.



The resident director will be brought up to speed on your entity, as appropriate.

They will review the business strategy, financial and tax position, group structure and operational framework.


Ongoing services

They will prepare for and attend Board meetings, review and approve accounts, monitor ongoing performance.

Looking for a nominee director?

Looking for a nominee director?

UK law is very clear that there is no such concept as a nominee director and that all directors owe the same director duties as any other director and these cannot be abdicated by the director. We’ve put together a guide that explains more.

Our resident director will meet your legal responsibilities, whilst looking after your commercial interests.


Domiciliation Services

Domiciliation Services

Director Services is just one of the ways that we help overseas clients here in the UK. We have a range of domiciliation services that we put together for clients to demonstrate a substantive UK base.


Who we work with



McCourt Global, operates across Real Estate, finance and sport. Real Estate interests include 360 Tenth Avenue in New York and The Towers, Miami (left). The McCourt empire also previously owned Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger Stadium and is the current owner of Olympique de Marseille.

Elemental was approached to provide UK domiciliation services and put in place a full range of services including resident director services, banking, accounting and tax, compliance and ongoing company secretarial services.

The relationship started in January 2014 and has deepened and grown since then. In 2020, McCourt formed a second UK company that Elemental also supports with a full range of services.

Speak to an expert

Meet Nick

Nick Lindsay is Founder and Director of Elemental and heads up the Governance and Corporate Services teams. He is an experienced corporate lawyer and qualified Chartered Company Secretary.

Prior to starting Elemental, Nick trained at Olswang in London (now part of CMS). He has also worked in-house at the BBC Worldwide Visa Europe.


We have been working with Elemental CoSec for the past 5 years, and we’ve had a fantastic experience. Nick and his team are highly professional and responsive, and they are a key partner to our business in the UK. We highly recommend working with them.”

Alfredo Apéstegui
Manager & Chief Legal Officer, Mesoamerica (working with Ontaria Teachers’ Pension Plan).

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