We provide a full set of mailing and address services from a premium central London location. For all of our mailing services, we use the following address:

27 Old Gloucester Street

Full Mailing Address Service
Registered Office Service
Director’s Service Address
May be registered at Companies HouseYesYesYes
Includes statutory mail (HMRC and Companies House)YesYesYes
Registered officeYesYesNo
Company name displayed at premises*YesYesNo
May be used for trade mailYesNoNo
May be used in contractsYesNoNo
Mail forwarding chargesYes**NoNo
Deposit RequiredYes***NoNo
Annual Charge£240£100£40****

* as required by regulation 3 of the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008
** we charge 14p per item handled, plus actual postage and envelope costs (if required)
*** £35 postage deposit to cover mail forwarding charges
**** only available with another service


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If you have any questions, please take a look at our Address FAQs which contain the answer to the majority of the questions we are asked.


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