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Elemental CoSec is here to help newly listed clients develop and build their company secretarial and corporate governance requirements to meet the increased requirements of the public markets

Whether a company is contemplating its initial listing on a public market or upgrading its listing, such as moving from AIM to the Main Market, there are considerable company secretarial and corporate governances challenges to overcome.

A properly structured board process can improve the flow and quality of information to the board, improve decision making, and set out clear audit and accountability procedures for those decisions. A well-run board will be able to focus on the strategic direction of the company without getting bogged down in the minutiae of the business.

Listing Services

Elemental CoSec’s chartered secretaries and corporate governance professionals have extensive experience of working with companies on the Main Market, AIM and traded exchanges, such as the GXG. The requirements of a specific company vary depending on the market it is traded on, as well as the nature of the shareholder base.

We will work with you, before and after a listing, to develop and implement a corporate governance and company secretarial strategy to help the company achieve its goals.

Our experienced staff can draft the committee terms of reference and work with the Chairman to help develop an appropriate schedule and composition for the boards. The board and committee structure needs to fit with the company’s existing processes and level of delegation, as well as the resources available to the board.

Board and committee meetings require a clear and complete set of processes to ensure that they are run properly and efficiently. This includes the management of the agenda, the preparation and review of board papers and the circulation of minutes and action points. In respect of committees, it also includes the form, substance and timing of reports to the board.

The proper running of meetings is critical to the management of a company and the efficient use of the director’s time. We provide practical and timely support before, during and after meetings. Please also see our specific meeting support services for more information on this.

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