R&D Tax Relief Advisory

Our methodology maximises the claim amount and is designed to deliver a high success rate. To find out more about the scheme and eligibility, read our guide.

Our standard service includes pre-submission analysis and post-claim follow-up until your cash is paid out.

Pre-Claim Recommendations

We will adapt our methodology to suit your business, but we typically follow the below approach:

  • We review historical financial records, seeking out relevant R&D costs and analysing time spent on eligible projects. We will go as far back as the rules allow, applying HMRCs tests and our experience to calculate your claim.
  • Our tax experts, with your team’s input, will draft a technical report that details the ways in which you meet the qualifying criteria, in particular we explain how you were seeking to resolve a technological or scientific uncertainty. (HMRC require a basic level of detail, we will almost always aim to exceed this).
  • Once you are happy with the report, we will add the claim to a corporation tax return for HRMC and we will submit this on your behalf.
  • Should HMRC have any queries, we will act as the first point of enquiry and resolve any outstanding queries.

Post-Claim Follow Up

Following the successful completion of the claim:

  • We will issue a detailed explanation of how the tax savings have been calculated and applied.
  • If we identify any areas for improvement, we will also make those recommendations e.g. improving time recording or invoice coding procedures to maximise future claims.
  • Recommendations of any changes required to your client contracts to enable you to claim R&D
  • Consider how best to exploit any Intellectual Property created by the R&D work e.g. taking advantage of the ‘patent box’ regime.
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