Shareholders’ Agreement

Professionally drafted shareholders’ agreements

A flexible and adaptable agreement that can be tailored to your situation.

Our understanding of businesses and the relationships between shareholders allows us to provide a purely tailored service. For a no obligation initial consultation please get in touch where we can ascertain your needs and provide you with a quote. ‘We offer fixed price arrangements in many cases, providing you with the certainty and confidence that you need.’

Our staff have drafted shareholders’ agreements for multi-national joint ventures, private equity and venture capital arrangements and start-up companies. The companies have ranged in value from a few thousand up to over $3 billion so we are in a perfect position to help you. Although we are happy to discuss any needs, we focus on three main types of shareholders’ agreements.

Agreements tailored to angel and private equity investment with management shareholders maintaining a stake in the company. These agreements are often driven by the investor, but can include growth shares and other mechanisms to incentivise the management for exceptional performance.

Corporates or individuals coming together to form a joint business venture, generally in a 50-50 relationship. The meeting of equals can often be tricky as neither party is willing to cede control or power and consequently the shareholders’ agreement needs to walk a fine line.

Generally needed where a 100% shareholder is looking to incentivise or reward key employees/suppliers with shares in the company. Although this can often be a very effective method, the majority shareholder will want to ensure that they retain control of the company and have the ability to force the minority shareholders to sell if required.


Our staff have advised on some of the largest corporate transactions and most sensitive joint ventures around. From deals valued at over $3 billion to venture capital backed start-ups, we have seen it before and know where the pitfalls are.


We pride ourselves in applying our knowledge and skills to each situation to come up with a tailored and innovative solution. We won’t just use templates to churn out the same documents for the fiftieth time.


By focusing on specific areas, our specialist staff are experts in their field. This specialist knowledge will be applied to your benefit ensuring you get the best legal services possible.

Please note that Elemental CoSec is not a law firm and does not provide formal legal advice.

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