UK Address for Service

Elemental offers a UK Address for Services (UK AFS) for trademarks and registered designs and related proceedings in order to meet the requirements of the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO)​.

Who we help

We help those looking for a UK Address for Services to meet UK IPO requirements:​

  • Require a UK Address for Service for new registrations.
  • A UK Address for Service for proceedings such as invalidation, revocation, non-use, opposition and rectification.
  • A UK Address for Service for EU comparable trademarks and re-registered designs for proceedings. (mandatory from 1 Jan 2024).
  • Non-UK Law firms and IP specialists looking for a UK AFS​.


Why Elemental?

We are independent and can work with any representative

An address service that has been
in place for 80 years+

Specialists in providing address services for leading Law Firms

A secure

The importance of appointing a UK AFS

Owners of UK trademarks are recommended to appoint a UK Address for Service as best practice.

  • Reduces the chance that correspondence goes missing.
  • Get notifications from UK IPO quicker.
  • Speed up the management of trademarks e.g. changing details.
  • In the event of proceedings, owners only have 1-month to obtain a UK address, allowing for postal times this leaves little time to comply.

Our service is designed for overseas IP firms and their clients looking to meet the legal UK requirements and who want the confidence that their risks in the event of service are mitigated.

For more information about Elemental. Visit our about us page.

Our annual fixed-fee​

£ 200

As part of our UK AFS service we will:​

  • Includes up to 10 IP rights (each additional right £10)
  • Contact UK IPO on your behalf to setup the address for service.
  • Scan and upload important documents to your digital mailroom.
  • If required, we can introduce you to our panel of IP experts in the event of proceedings.

For IP firms or large numbers of rights we would be happy to put together a bespoke proposal, please contact us.

Or contact us for more information.

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