Our leadership team

Tobias has an unhealthy obsession with administration. Be it personal, professional or company secretarial, if things have been done on time and in the proper manner he’s happy.

A frustrated cyclist and coffee lover, Nick is a corporate lawyer and chartered secretary who mainly works in order to fund overpriced cycling gear and espresso. When not in the saddle or at work, he can normally be found playing with his two small children.

Dhruv is a geek in disguise. He likes chess, gardening and beekeeping, but when he put that on his dating profile, nobody called. He’s a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor.

Our expert team

Not just an employment law guru, David thrives in providing business consultancy, career coaching and much more. When not helping clients with their HR needs, David is a qualified civil celebrant.

David Clark

Associate, Corporate Services

Rosanne alongside her healthy obsession with F1 and Lewis Hamilton, ensures clients are supported daily using skills she picked up in her previous life as a lawyer in the music industry. As well as Lewis winning, she loves dogs, travelling and has recently learnt to drive!

Rosanne Da Silva

Client Manager, Support Services

Katherine is an associate specialising in corporate law. When not working Katherine enjoys spending time with her family and their Golden Retriever, Lottie, exploring the countryside and travelling.

Katherine Johnson

Associate, Corporate Services

Lesley Lau

Senior Associate, Corporate Services

Sam has a particular interest in ESG. It’s his link to a past life, where he studied zoology and conservation. These days when he’s not at his desk, he continues to enjoy spending time in nature and traveling.

Sam Ngeow

Associate, Corporate Services

Kate is a chartered governance professional and something of a perfectionist who loves problem solving. Outside of work she can generally be found enjoying the outdoors, dog walking, horse riding, cycling or trying to improve her photography skills.

Kate Owen

Manager, Governance

Saroj is a tea lover and enjoys attending parties and travelling. During her spare time, she likes to spend time at her family’s farm.

Saroj Pambhar

Associate, Tax and Accountancy

Jazz is an avid knitter; there is never a day when she is not knitting and always has a few projects on the go. Jazz loves making gifts for friends and family (whether they like it or not) and if you’re within spitting distance be prepared to be knitted up with a hat, scarf and gloves!!

Jazz McKenzie

Associate, Tax and Accountancy

When not applying his corporate secretarial and legal skills to the benefit of his corporate governance clients, Raul can be found swimming, dancing, cooking or playing with his three cats.

Raul Marrero

Senior Associate, Governance and Corporate Services

Tilly is a fashion conscious music lover, who brings a flair to what can be quite a traditional industry. Always coming up with new ideas, Tilly will not rest until the Elemental name is known far and wide.

Tilly Martin

Marketing Manager, Support Services

Catherine is a chartered governance professional and fellow of the governance institute who thrives on checklists and proper processes. At home this keeps her house and new family in order and creates time for keep fit and enjoying time with family and friends.

Catherine Free

Senior Associate, Governance and Corporate Services

David is a legally trained company secretary with an AIM plc background, he has a track record of ensuring appropriate processes are followed and offering pragmatic solutions to various legal and commercial matters.  Outside of work he enjoys going to the gym.

David Lau

Senior Associate, Governance and Corporate Services

Elena is a chartered accountant with a passion for adventure, outdoor trips and reading.

Favourite weekend is to be surrounded by family in her garden preparing the best Greek bbq

Elena Papuc

Associate, Tax and Accountancy

Paul is a tax expert and forensic accountant and ran his own practice for more than 30 years. When he’s not practicing accounting, he’s teaching it.

He lives in Northern Ireland, where he enjoys cycling and hiking in his spare time.

Paul O’Reilly

Senior Associate, Tax and Accountancy

Charlotte’s life is about organising everything; you can’t beat a list on a pink Post it and when she is not in front of her laptop you will find her running around after her little girl.

Charlotte Rush

Assistant, Support Services

A native Italian who is conversant in Spanish too, Gabriella brings some language expertise to Elemental as well as a passion for all things CoSec.

Gabriella De Marco

Associate, Governance and Corporate Services

Sandeep Grewal

Marketing and New Business

Bethany is a chartered accountant who can usually be found trying to wrangle her young son and border terrier, in the kitchen baking, or cheering a little too enthusiastically while watching motorbike racing.

Bethany Thackray

Associate, Tax and Accountancy

After Bear Grylls beat Jack to the job of overpaid adventurer, he decided to become a Chartered Accountant. When not at work, you can find him trying any outdoor sport or in a tent.

Jack Horlick

Associate, Tax and Accountancy

Nikhil is our expert bookkeeper and a trainee accountant. When he is not glued to a computer screen, he can generally be found playing cricket or kabaddi.

Nikhil Akbari

Associate, Tax and Accountancy

When she isn’t trying to garden in the face of a cocker spaniel who loves digging plants up and burying apples, Alison can be found helping companies to tell their stories online.

Alison Griffiths

Marketing Associate, Support Services

Our Difference


01. Integrated

A fully integrated offering,
less complexity, less cost.


02. Hands-on

Experts from Big 4 and Big Law
working hands-on in your business


03. Expert

Qualified solicitors
accountants, tax and governance professionals


04. Agile

Best in class technology


05. Lean

Transparent pricing, built
around you.


06. Experienced

Blue Chip Clients and Broad
sector expertise

We’re here to keep things simple

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