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International Advised Formation
£79 £139 £179
A professional package for those who understand their statutory obligations and do not want any advice.
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A complete package, including a review of the submission and advice by phone/email on your structure and requirements.
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A complete incorporation package which is particularly tailored to international clients looking for structuring adviceOrder Now
User friendly incorporation software yes yes yes
Review of information prior to submission to Companies House yes yes
Call or email advice on incorporation, from a lawyer or legal professional yes yes
Call or email advice on incorporation, from a lawyer and tax accountant to discuss your requirements yes
Unlimited resubmissions if formation is rejected by Companies House yes yes yes
Electronic certificate of incorporation yes yes yes
Elemental CoSec precedent articles of association yes yes yes
Copy of information filed with Companies House yes yes yes
Companies House fees included yes yes yes
Companies House authentication code yes yes yes
Share certificate(s) yes yes yes
Completed statutory registers yes yes yes
First board minutes of the Company yes yes yes
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By default, all documents are provided electronically or held by Elemental (if ongoing support is requested), which is fully compliant with UK law. If physical documents are required (for example to meet foreign law requirements) then these can be selected as an optional extra as part of the incorporation process.

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