Elemental to support exciting new Energy venture

Elemental to support exciting new Energy venture

Flexion Energy, the modern utility company and energy storage infrastructure specialist, has appointed Elemental to oversee company secretarial matters.

Flexion intends to develop, build, own and manage energy storage systems in the UK, specifically large-scale batteries connected to and servicing the electricity grid. The company bridges the gap between the development and financing of energy storage sites.

The news comes following a £150 million investment by GLIL Infrastructure in the firm as part of a joint venture with ion Ventures. The deal is the eleventh investment by GLIL, the £2.5bn infrastructure fund backed by Local Pensions Partnership and Northern LGPS.

Nick Lindsay, Director of Corporate Services said: “we have a number of years’ experience working in the renewable energy sector and with pensions’ investments and we look to applying our experience to this exciting new venture, working alongside the excellent team at Flexion”.

About Flexion Energy

Flexion Energy is a modern utility and energy storage infrastructure specialist. Flexion Energy bridges the gap between development and finance in the energy storage sector – sourcing, developing and operating energy storage assets at scale in the UK. Founded by Dan Taylor and Hassen Bali, Flexion Energy has blended commercial and technical expertise to develop energy storage solutions which manage grid volatility during the transition to renewable energy.

For more information, please visit https://flexion.energy/

About Elemental

Elemental is an integrated professional services firm offering joined-up support across governance, company secretarial, and accounting. Elemental partners with boards, law firms, and in-house legal and accounting teams. They have represented over 1,600 clients from over 100 countries. Elemental advises a number of boards and committees of listed companies on implementing governance frameworks and best practices.

For more information visit: www.elementalcosec.com



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