Main Market PLCs

Professional Company Secretarial Solutions

As a quoted company listed on the Main Market, you have to comply with statutory and listing rules, the UK Corporate Governance Code (to the extent applicable) and a plethora of shareholder engagement guidelines. You also need manage your governance systems so that the directors are best able to run the company and engage with shareholders. You need to achieve all of this, whilst running the business.

As is often stated, good corporate governance is more than just a box-ticking exercise, but there are still rules to be complied with and boxes to be ticked. We assist with the full range of compliance. We provide guidance, audits and reviews to assist with company secretarial obligations and we can appoint a named company secretary if desired.

We pride ourselves on reducing the compliance burden on our clients whilst also adding value.

How we work with listed PLCs

We normally use a retainer relationship with our listed plc clients, which allows us to be on hand as and when needed. Projects and exceptional work are then quoted for as needed. We work with your registrars, nominated advisor and auditors to ensure a truly joined up approach to the relationship.

Our experts are also on hand for project work relating to flotations and fund-raising, which can put a particular strain on management’s resources.

Services for listed PLCs

Listing and Post Listing

A newly listed plc faces a plethora of corporate governance and regulatory obligations. We design processes, systems and procedures to help you manage and embrace these; helping you meet your requirements.

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Interim CoSec Support

Our chartered secretaries are available to provide a flexible in-house or remote support on a secondment basis. This can help cover sickness and maternity absences or just be available to help manage increased demands.

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Annual General Meetings

The AGM is key time for a listed plc and it can place severe strain on a company. Elemental CoSec can not only help to relieve this strain but help ensure that the company follows best practice when engaging with its shareholders.

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Board and Committee Meeting Support

The full range of assistance with board and committee meetings, including preparation, organisation, corporate governance and record keeping. We produce agendas, attend meetings and keep minutes, circulating a full record of matters discussed.

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Corporate Governance Advice

Our corporate governance experts advise on structures, policies and procedures to help instil the fundamentals of good corporate governance. We help with compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code and investor guidelines.

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Bespoke CoSec Support

A tailored company secretarial solution for a truly bespoke offering. Your needs as a listed company vary hugely depending on the makeup of your shareholders, your industry and your structure. We work with you to ensure that our services match your needs.

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