Professional Company Secretarial Solutions

As a fund, you know that your relationship with your investors/partners is paramount, as is the statutory compliance and administration of your fund. You need a trusted compliance partner to help manage your SPVs, provide support with shareholders/investors and to provide corporate governance advice.

Tax Driven Funds

We support leading funds that are structured to provide tax efficient investments for their clients.

As well as providing support to the investment companies, our experts assist with the corporate administration of the fund which is often critical to the success of the tax benefits.

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Private Equity Funds

Private Equity Funds drive shareholder value by improving the management and reporting at investment companies.

Our experts support the fund in this by working to improve the company secretarial and compliance processes as well as helping to protect the investor directors.

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Real Estate Funds

Real Estate Funds that hold their investments through SPVs need to ensure that they are legally compliant in as efficient a manner as possible.

Our state of the art systems, allow us to manage this process and reduce the compliance costs of the fund and also the costs of disposal of the SPVs.

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