As a listed PLC, you need a flexible and pragmatic governance and company secretarial regime that ensures your business performs at its optimum peak. Not every listed company is the same and we will support you through your specific needs.

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Our corporate lawyers and chartered secretaries are experts in supporting listed companies and provide a tailored and solution-focused approach.

  • Support the board and management with board meetings and governance;
  • Ensure you comply with statutory and listing rules, the Companies Act 2006, the relevant parts of European law, and the UK Corporate Governance Code (to the extent applicable);
  • Advise on whether you should focus on an alternative such as the QCA Code (for AIM companies);
  • Advise on appropriate shareholder engagement guidelines;
  • Tailor your corporate governance regime to the needs of your board and key stakeholders;
  • Appoint a corporate Company Secretary, if required; and
  • Provide guidance, audits and reviews to assist with company secretarial obligations.

Services for our listed clients

Listing and Post Listing

Interim Cosec Support

Annual General Meetings

Board & Committee Meetings

Corporate Governance Advice

Bespoke Cosec Support

How we work with listed companies

We normally use a retainer relationship with our listed plc clients, which allows us to be on hand as and when needed. Projects and exceptional work are then quoted for as needed. We work with your registrars, nominated advisor and auditors to ensure a truly joined up approach to the relationship.

Our experts are also on hand for project work relating to flotations and fund-raising, which can put a particular strain on management’s resources.

Support your successful business outcomes by ensuring your UK company is fully compliant.

Use Elemental’s expertise to reduce your regulatory and compliance burden so you can focus on other business priorities.

Leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you choose and meet the appropriate regulatory standards.

AIM listed

We work with a lot of AIM listed companies. Please see here for further information on our services for AIM companies


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