Law Firms

As a law firm you and your clients expect precise, expert and professional service. Yet clients are expecting you to achieve more with less; to provide the same level of service for less money. We help law firms achieve this by handling some of the support activities, such as incorporations, company secretarial matters, process agent and escrow agent, leaving you free to focus on the specialised legal advice that your clients have chosen you for.

Some of the biggest law firms in the world, including Magic Circle law firms, US law firms and City law firms use Elemental, because they know that the service we provide is to the same high standard that they provide to their clients. Our staff are often drawn from these same firms, so they know what is expected and how to achieve it. We also use qualified (non-practising) solicitors to make sure the quality of the work is first class.

How we work with Law Firms

Our relationships with law firms are structured to fulfil the needs of the particular law firm. However, they tend to fall into two main categories.

Some firms use us as a means of extra resource and expertise, but maintain the client relationship themselves. We work for the law firm and the law firm passes the work through to the client. This allows the firm to offer a broader set of services to their client without needing the skills or expertise in-house.

More commonly, firms prefer for us to work directly for the client as an additional supplier. This removes the need for the firm to manage the work and our staff refer the client back to the firm, when specialised legal advice is required.

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