At Elemental, we specialise in supporting third sector clients with their governance and company secretarial requirements. We have direct experience of helping organisations such as the following, often working on both client side and as advisors.

  • Membership Organisations and mutuals

  • Government Department

  • Charities

  • Professional and Regulatory Bodies

  • Royal Charter Bodies

  • Trade Associations and Industry Bodies

  • Housing Associations

  • Sports Governance


Find out about our full range of governance services for all organisations.

Sector Expertise


Governance Structure

  1. What Committees does a membership organisation need?
  2. What is the best practice governance model for a professional body?
  3. What is the best practice for delegations of authority in a not for profit?


Roles and Responsibilities

  1. What are the legal duties of a charity trustee or a director?
  2. How to amend a Royal Charter and Bye-laws
  3. How to deal with conflict / balance of power between members and staff in a membership organisation.


People and Behaviours

  1. How should members interests be represented in the governance structure?
  2. How to balance skills vs representation on the governing body?
  3. How to hold elected officials to account?

Our services for non-profits

Updating Governing Documents

Articles, Charter, ByLaws & Regulations, Terms

Delegations of authority

Matters reserved, financal controls, RACI matrix


Election and selection policies and processes, recruitment of non-execs, behaviour and conduct, remuneration, service agreements

Induction, training, Advice

for directors, trustees, volunteers

Board & Committee Performance Evaluation


full governance review, policies, processes, guidance notes, templates, compliance calendar, essentials guide

Ongoing Compliance

Annual Compliance, Address Services, Accountancy, Tax and more

Corporate Legal

Commercial Legal

How we can help

Unlike other company secretarial firms, we provide genuine governance support that goes beyond mere compliance. We provide you with our years of experience and expertise, helping you to improve your governance standards.

We are Specialist

We look to allocate a member of our team whose experience closely matches your needs. As well as making the rest of the team available for additional experience.

We are innovative

We offer an integrated service where governance, company secretarial and legal experts work in a joined up way to offer holistic board and governance support.

We are experienced

We combine our experience of best in class governance from both the for profit and not for profit to offer knowledgeable and pragmatic advice.

I’m very pleased that I made the decision to contract with Nick Lindsay and his team at Elemental. Nick and his team have provided calm, consistent and very professional and ‘can do’ support across a wide range of issues, from keeping us compliant to supporting us on GDPR implementation, redrafting articles as situations changed, and managing governance changes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elemental to anyone looking for affordable, professional expert support from a thoroughly nice team.

Natalie Ceeney CBE, Chair, Innovate Finance

Who we work with

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Future First

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Innovate Finance

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Speak to an expert

Meet Kate

Kate is a Company Secretarial Manager with Elemental and an experienced Chartered Company Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional. Kate advises companies in the financial sector, public authority bodies and not-for-profit entities on their Governance framework and supports them with their company secretarial requirements.

Previously Head of Governance for RICS where she; managed the Corporate Management Team.  She has also worked in-house for John Lewis, Domestic & General Group and The Grain and Feed Trade Association.

We’re here to keep things simple

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help support your business, please get in touch.

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