Complete managed domiciliation services and administrative services for your UK entity.

For some clients, it is important that the UK company is effectively managed and controlled in the UK and that there is clear evidence of this fact. The exact requirements will vary from client to client (and is often driven by the tax advice), but we believe that by using professional staff who are able to add value to the operations of the business, we go beyond mere box-ticking to show real substance.

These domiciliation services are generally utilised in conjunction with our SPV and Holding Company management services, which ensure that the administrative and compliance requirements are met.

UK resident directors

We use professional UK resident directors, who are generally professionally qualified (solicitors, accountants or investment professionals, as may be required) and are of sufficient calibre for the business of the client. Board meetings will then be held and managed in the UK. Please note that this is not a ‘nominee’ service and our directors must be able to exercise their independent judgement. For further information on this, please see our guide to nominee directors.

UK office space

Dedicated office space can be arranged, to ensure the company has a real and substantive base in the UK. The office space is available for overseas staff when visiting the UK.

Telephone, email and website

A UK telephone number can be set up with a call answering service for when the director is not available. This can also be combined with a dedicated company email address and website if desired.

UK administrative staff

A UK staff member (in addition to the director) can be assigned and placed on the payroll if further support is required.

Financial administration

Bookkeeping, annual accounting and tax compliance can be outsourced to our UK-based specialists, satisfying the Companies Act requirements to maintain accounting records in the UK.


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The critical part of the domiciliation service is that the company has UK resident directors and the decisions are taken in the UK. Find out more about our UK director services.


Our SPV and Holding Company management services are often combined with our domiciliation services and you can find out more about these here.

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