Effective and efficient meetings are essential for good governance and the proper running of your business

The chartered secretaries and corporate lawyers at Elemental CoSec will help improve the quality of your meetings and corporate governance processes. As well as reducing your administrative load, we will provide advice on company law and the management of the meeting.

How we work

1. Meeting and governance support

There are three key parts to any meeting, which our staff will assist with:

  • Preparation: Proper preparation of the agenda, meeting pack and materials will mean that the directors are fully briefed, can actively take part in the meeting and an effective decision be reached during the meeting.
  • Meeting: The meeting itself. Our chartered secretaries will attend to support the proper running of the meeting and take minutes as agreed.
  • Conclusion: Meeting minutes, action points and other deliverables are essential outcomes from a meeting. Our chartered secretaries will ensure these are delivered on time and in the manner desired.

2. Board and committee development

We believe that we truly add value to your board and committee meetings by improving the governance processes in the medium to long term. As we get to know your business, we will work with you on such matters as:

  • Board/committee annual plan: The annual plan is designed to ensure that all matters are handled in a timely manner and that resources are correctly allocated throughout the year.
  • Schedule of reserved matters: It is important that a board clearly sets out those decisions and responsibilities that should be reserved to the board alone.
  • Terms of reference: Clear delineation of a committee’s powers and responsibilities is essential to their working.
  • Conflitti di interesse: The Companies Act 2006 sets out clear obligations on directors to deal with and manage actual and potential conflicts of interest.

This process is inherently bespoke and depends on the current operation of your board and committee(s), as well as how you want to operate in the future. Therefore, please get in touch to discuss this further.


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The AGM for a PLC is a critical meeting and we provide specific services tailored to your needs and the corporate governance requirements faced by listed companies.


The staff at Elemental CoSec have many years of corporate governance experience, assisting boards and companies to operate more effectively. For more information, please get in touch or see our corporate governance services.

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