Elemental CoSec provides qualified and experienced UK directors, designed to facilitate your corporate structuring and UK domiciliation.

Our directors work with UK holding companies and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) when it is imperative that the company has local, UK resident directors. This can provide perfectly legitimate tax benefits to the company and the group, as well as providing other regulatory benefits. The service is often used by clients looking to take advantage of double taxation treaties with the UK or to facilitate legitimate confidentiality arrangements.

Our directors are experienced and knowledgeable individuals, who understand the needs of private equity and fund structures.

This service is often combined with our other holding company and SPV management services and/or our domiciliation services, for the full corporate services support and to aid with the domiciliation of the UK company.

The process

The appointment process requires considerable diligence from both parties and we strongly recommend you get in touch with us to discuss your needs at the earliest opportunity.

Before any of our directors can be appointed, we need to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the company and its business, as well as the reason that our services are required, whether this is confidentiality, tax or business operations.

We would also expect that you would want to carry out reasonable diligence on the individual(s) who will be appointed as a director, to ensure they have the requisite skills and background to carry out the role.

Directors' duties and nominees

As with all UK directors, our directors are required to meet their directors’ duties, which require them to exercise independent judgment. It is a condition of any appointment that the director(s) are able to exercise their independent judgement and are fully involved in any decision.

Although our directors are often representing the interests of a shareholder, they are not a nominee director in the purest sense. To understand more about the UK laws relating to nominee directors and how this impacts our service, please get in touch or please see our guide to nominee directors.


The term Nominee Director is commonly used, even though these don't exist in the UK. Please see our guide for further information about the legal structure behind this.


Find out more about our full domiciliation services, which can ensure the entity has real substance in the UK.


Learn more about the duties of UK directors and what their responsibilities are.

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