Professional Company Secretarial Solutions

As an intermediary, some of your most valuable assets are your client relationships. You know that by outsourcing a service in the wrong way you are potentially risking the strength of this relationship, if the supplier lets you down. You need a trusted and professional service provider who won’t cut corners with your clients.¬†Intermediaries of all types trust Elemental CoSec for two main reasons.

Firstly and most importantly, we provide the same level of service and expertise that you provide for your clients. We use qualified solicitors and accountants to ensure that the level and quality of service is second to none.

Secondly, our specialist knowledge, systems and processes means that the cost of using us is less than providing the same service in-house.

Law Firms

We work with Magic Circle, US, Regional and City law firms who all demand the highest standards.

We work directly with their clients in conjunction with them or through the law firm in what is a flexible and mutually beneficial relationship.

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Accountancy Firms

Accountancy firms know their client’s business inside out and are the trusted adviser for standard compliance issues.

Accountancy firms value our legal and company secretarial expertise, for when matters become more complicated or more bespoke.

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Global and UK Intermediaries

Global service providers and other UK intermediaries such as banks and financial advisers, want to broaden and strengthen their client relationships.

As an independent firm, we provide the support needed without the conflicts of other firms.

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