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Your employees are important.  Look after them.

Considerations for new employers

Taking on new employees can be mind boggling, and making mistakes can be expensive financially and damage your relationship with your employees – there are a myriad of things to consider:

  • Employer pension obligations (“auto enrolment”)
  • Employer National Insurance contributions
  • Employee tax and student loan deductions at source
  • The taxation of employee benefits
  • Tax equalisation and globally mobile employees
  • Monthly “real time” reporting to HMRC and Annual Returns
  • Employee payslips, annual statements (P60s) and statements of benefits (P11Ds)
  • HR / UK Employment law

Our services

We provide a one-stop-shop Payroll service which includes the following:

  1. Applying for payroll registration with HMRC
  2. Calculating of employee tax withholdings
  3. Calculating employer tax obligations
  4. Preparing monthly employee payslips
  5. Preparing monthly employer summaries and advising on tax payment deadlines
  6. Filing monthly and annual payroll returns to HMRC
  7. Preparing annual statements of earnings (P60)
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Human Resources Support

We offer a comprehensive HR service, advising you on employer’s obligations and helping you draft employee contracts.

HR Services

National Insurance
National insurance is the UK’s social security contribution and is paid by both employees and employers.

In most cases, employers pay National Insurance contributions of 13.8% on employee salaries above £8,112 p/a, whilst employees pay 12% on salaries between £8,060-£42,385 p/a and 2% thereafter.

Employees from the EU and several other countries may choose to pay social security contributions in their ‘home’ country if they are temporarily posted to the UK for a period less than two years.

Eligibility to work in the UK
All EU citizens are eligible to work in the UK without further paperwork.  However, nationals of other countries must have the correct Visa.

Non-British Nationals, regardless of their origin, should apply for a national insurance number directly with the UK government:

Employee expenses and benefits
Certain benefits, such as private healthcare are taxable benefits (i.e. the employee pays income tax on the value of the benefits received).  These need to be reported to HMRC and a separate statement must be provided to employees.

When an employer reimburses an employee for business expenses suffered personally, or provides an expense account this should be declared on the individual’s personal tax return and may be taxable.  It is possible to apply for a dispensation from HMRC to waive this requirement.